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  • High gloss pvc foam sheets,it is a new type of PVC foam sheets ,Very good materials for making furniture and furniture,Our daily output is 20 tons,Can meet your order needs within 10 days,we have 6lines of PVC foam sheet meet you needs.

  • white pvc foam sheets widely used in printing and advertising materials, It is widely used in the advertising industry and is one of the most popular materials because of the ultra-low price and perfect product quality.

  • 1mm pvc foam sheet high density:0.65-1.2g/cm3,lowest thickness of PVC foam board,The best choice for indoor printing materials.We have 6 internationally advanced production lines.In order to ensure high-quality products to meet your product needs.

  • low density PVC free foam board ,It is a very cost-effective product. We can provide you with the best price. It is a very good inkjet material. We have 10 years of manufacturer experience and a complete after-sales system to meet your needs.

  • Colors PVC foam board Building and upholstering: models, partitions, wall cladding, construction wall indoor or outdoor decoration,false ceilings, office furniture, kitchen and bath cabinet

  • BE-win high density pvc foam sheet is high quality product ,It is widely used in indoor and outdoor advertising applications. It can resist ultraviolet rays, does not change color, and does not fade. It is an ideal outdoor building material. We have ten years of experience in manufacturing it.we hope you can satisfied with our product

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