Aluminum Composite Panel

Be-Win Group: Customizable Aluminum Composite Panels

Be-Win Group specializes in offering a diverse range of customizable Aluminum Composite Panels (ACPs), providing solutions tailored to specific architectural and project needs. Our panels feature adjustable aluminum layer thicknesses, starting from a minimum of 0.08mm, catering to unique customer requirements. Explore our extensive selection of ACP series with customizable aluminum layer thicknesses and overall thicknesses ranging from 2mm to 6mm. Here’s a comprehensive overview:

Aluminum Composite Panel Series

1. PE Aluminum Composite Panel

Designed for signage, interior decoration, and more, our PE Aluminum Composite Panels offer flexibility with customizable aluminum layer thicknesses, starting from 0.08mm, within an overall thickness range of 2mm to 6mm.

2. PVDF Aluminum Composite Panel

Experience superior weather resistance with our PVDF Aluminum Composite Panels, providing adjustable aluminum layer thicknesses from 0.08mm onwards, available in overall thicknesses ranging from 2mm to 6mm.

3. Fireproof Aluminum Composite Panel

Our Fireproof Aluminum Composite Panels offer safety assurance with customizable aluminum layer thicknesses starting at 0.08mm, within an overall thickness range of 2mm to 6mm, ideal for high-rise building exteriors.

4. Mirror Finish Aluminum Composite Panel

For a sleek and glossy finish, opt for our Mirror Finish Aluminum Composite Panels, featuring customizable aluminum layer thicknesses from 0.08mm, available in overall thicknesses ranging from 2mm to 6mm, ideal for interior decoration and commercial spaces.

Color Variety and Customization

Be-Win Group takes pride in offering a broad spectrum of colors for Aluminum Composite Panels, boasting over 60 different shades. Moreover, we facilitate the customization of special colors, including wood grain and other patterns, tailored to meet specific customer preferences and project needs.

Services and Solutions

At Be-Win Group, our commitment to customization, quality control, and comprehensive international trade services remains unparalleled:

- Customized Production

We prioritize meeting specific customer needs by offering adjustable aluminum layer thicknesses, starting from 0.08mm, and a range of overall thicknesses from 2mm to 6mm, alongside various color options and patterns.

- Quality Control

Our stringent quality management ensures that each panel, with adjustable aluminum layer thicknesses, complies with international standards and customer-specific requirements, maintaining superior quality.

- International Trade Services

With a dedicated global trade team, we offer professional pre-and post-sales support, facilitating smooth deliveries and ensuring customer satisfaction worldwide.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Can Be-Win Group customize the aluminum layer thicknesses of the panels according to customer needs?

A: Absolutely. We offer customizable aluminum layer thicknesses starting from 0.08mm, providing flexibility within an overall thickness range of 2mm to 6mm, meeting specific project requirements.

Q: What sets Be-Win Group's Aluminum Composite Panels apart?

A: Our Aluminum Composite Panels stand out for their adjustable aluminum layer thicknesses, offering lightweight properties, exceptional weather resistance, diverse color options, and easy installation for various applications.

Q: How does Be-Win Group ensure the quality of panels with adjustable aluminum layer thicknesses?

A: Through advanced production equipment and strict quality control, we guarantee stable and reliable product quality, irrespective of the customized aluminum layer thicknesses, meeting global standards.

Q: Does Be-Win Group offer international trade services globally?

A: Yes, our experienced trade team and global network provide professional trade support, including logistics arrangements and after-sales services, ensuring seamless order deliveries worldwide.

Be-Win Group remains committed to delivering customizable Aluminum Composite Panels with adjustable aluminum layer thicknesses, offering a vast color palette, and comprehensive international trade services. For inquiries or collaboration, feel free to contact us anytime.


Characteristics of plastic-aluminum composite panels BE-WIN

Testing item



Unit weight

ASTMD1654a GB/T 17748



Outdoor temperatuire resistance

ASTM D1654a GB/T17748

No abnormity

Thermal expanson

ASTM 0696a G8/T17748


Thermal conductlon

ASTM 976aGB/T17748

0.102 kcal/

Flexural rgidttu

ASTMC393a 68/T17748


Impact resstance

ASTM0732a G8/T17748

1.650 kgf

Adhesive strength

ASTM 0903a GB/T17748

0.78 kg/mm

Sound-Insulating rate

ASTM E413a G8/T17748


Flexural Elasticity

ASTM 0790a 68/T17748


Shear reslstance

ASTM 0732a 68/T17748


Minimum bending radlus

ASTM079Da G8/T17748


Fire propagatlon

ASTM E84a GB/T17748


Somke developed

ASTM E84a GB/T17748


Wind-pressure resistance

ASTM E330a GB/T17748


Properties against water



Properties against aire

ASTM Ee283 aG8/T17748


Be-Win Aluminum composite panel (ACP) Catalog

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  • Discover high-quality Cladding ACP from manufacturers in China. Renowned for its weather-defying resilience and enduring durability, this robust architectural solution offers diverse aesthetic customization options for architects and designers. Experience architectural excellence effortlessly.

  • Experience Be-Win Group's high-quality Alum-Bond ACP/ACM, a premier choice from manufacturers in China for construction needs. Esteemed for adaptability and durability, it offers enduring weather resilience and versatile design options. Connect with us to effortlessly elevate your architectural pursuits.

  • Discover Be-Win Group's high-quality PVDF Aluminum Composite Panel, a weather-resistant solution crafted by manufacturers in China for architectural projects. Elevate both exteriors and interiors effortlessly with our versatile design options. Connect with us to explore the potential of this premium architectural material for your construction needs.

  • Experience Be-Win Group's high-quality PE Aluminum Composite Panel, an indoor-designed architectural solution crafted by manufacturers in China for aesthetics and practicality. With diverse decorative options and durability, it effortlessly elevates indoor spaces. Connect with us to explore the potential of this high-quality product for your indoor design projects.

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