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BE-WIN Group: Versatile Cast Acrylic Sheets for Diverse Projects

Discover the exceptional quality of BE-WIN Group's cast acrylic sheets, meticulously crafted to elevate various project needs. As a global trade leader, we proudly present meticulously crafted cast acrylic sheets that redefine standards in advertising, construction, and creative endeavors.

Our cast acrylic sheets stand as industry benchmarks, renowned for their durability, crystal-clear transparency, and high light transmission. These sheets boast exceptional thermoforming capabilities, enabling effortless adaptation to diverse shaping needs. Moreover, they are optimized for precision laser cutting, allowing unparalleled flexibility in design and implementation.

With a producible thickness range from 1mm to 600mm and available sizes, including the popular 1220*2440mm, as well as 1220*1830mm and 2050*3050mm, our cast acrylic sheets perfectly cater to a wide spectrum of project requirements.

Highlighting remarkable light transmission properties, our cast acrylic sheets ensure unparalleled clarity, providing optimal visibility for your projects. Alongside over thirty color options, we offer mirrored cast acrylic, broadening the scope for tailored project solutions.


Q: Why choose BE-WIN Group's cast acrylic sheets?

A: Our premium cast acrylic sheets are an epitome of durability, crystal-clear clarity, high light transmission, exceptional thermoforming capabilities, and precision laser-cutting suitability. Ideal for advertising, construction, and creative projects, these sheets, with sizes from 1mm to 600mm thickness and variations including 1220*2440mm, 1220*1830mm, and 2050*3050mm, precisely meet project specifications. Additionally, we offer over thirty color options and mirrored cast acrylic for expanded project possibilities.

Q: How do you ensure product quality?

A: Our stringent quality control and advanced manufacturing techniques guarantee that each cast acrylic sheet meets the highest standards, ensuring reliability and performance across various customer needs.

Q: How competitive are your prices?

A: While offering competitive pricing, we maintain the excellence of our cast acrylic sheets. Our primary focus remains on delivering top-quality products while ensuring value for our customers.

As a global leader, BE-WIN Group's cast acrylic sheets play a pivotal role in projects across more than twenty countries, showcasing our commitment to delivering superior solutions globally. Our dedication to reliability, versatility, and customer satisfaction resonates through every cast acrylic sheet we offer.

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  • Marble acrylic sheet with good weatherability, won't be fade in 10 years,our markets covering Europe, United States, Mid-East etc.

  • Grade A color cast acrylic sheet with high light transmission, light weight and hard surface, it normally used in making furniture, art crafts etc. We have SGS certificate for our Grade A color cast acrylic sheet, we guarantee our products with high quality. We currently export to United States, Mexico, Panama, Brazil and some countries in Europe, and we are the biggest supplier in Mid-East now.

  • Red color cast acrylic sheet is made of 100% virgin raw materials, with light weight, high light transmission. Cast acrylic sheet can replace glass, and more light, environment friendly. We export cast acrylic sheet to European and American market now. It has SGS certificate, so we guarantee our products with high quality, and won’t be fade in 10 years.

  • Color cast acrylic sheet for making luminous characters with excellent resistance to weather, it’s used for making kinds of luminous characters. With bright color and beautiful looking, it is very popular for making kinds of advertising signage. We guarantee it won’t fade in 10 years.

  • Color cast acrylic sheet for thermal forming is used in many outdoor and indoor, such as, advertising industry, furniture, decoration etc. It’s the best seller in European market, with SGS certificate, it won’t be fade in 10 years.

  • Transparent cast acrylic sheet for UV painting with ISO9001 certificate, which is very popular in European and United States market. Many color is available, and size can be customized to meet different customer’s requirements.

Cast Acrylic Sheet China factory - Be-Win manufacturer and supplier.Do you want to buy high quality,durable and latest selling Cast Acrylic Sheet 10 years warranty? Contact us,we would wholesale customized ISO Cast Acrylic Sheet according your requirments.Welcome to your bulk order in stock,we have free sample for you.Trust made in China,trust us!
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