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  • Highly transparent. Organic glass is currently the best high molecular transparent material, with a light transparency of 92 %, which is higher than the glass transmittance.


  • The reason for the bending of the PVC foam board surface is mostly due to uneven material flow or insufficient cooling. Factors causing uneven material flow are generally due to large traction fluctuations or unbalanced internal and external lubrication in the formula. The factors of the machine are easy to eliminate. Generally, adjusting the internal lubrication under the premise of as little external lubrication as possible will have a good effect. At the same time, ensure that the cooling is even and in place.


  • After the acrylic is glued, it is best not to directly contact the wind at the edge. Although the wind blows quickly, it can indeed speed up the drying of the glue, but the edge will turn white due to the rapid volatilization of the glue.


  • Regarding the fire rating, the BE-WIN acrylic engineering book tells you the division of the fire rating. At present, there are mainly 6 fire ratings for building materials.


  • Partition can not only divide the space, so that the office appears orderly and coordinated, a good partition design can determine the aesthetic degree of the office environment to a certain extent!


  • Speaking of acrylic sheets, everyone must be familiar with them. Acrylic sheets have been widely used in various fields of civilian products. However, do you really know acrylic? Next, your old friend - Qingdao Be-Win Industrial & Trade Co., Ltd. will take you into the colorful world of acrylic~ Our series of high-quality products represented by Virgin Materials Transparent Plexiglass Plastic Sheet For Advertising Printing have become industry models, and buyers from all over the world are welcome to wholesale and purchase.