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What is LED transparent display? How does it achieve transparent display?


Experts in Plexiglass Sheet For LED Display - Qingdao Be-Win Industrial & Trade Co., Ltd. Today, what is LED transparent display? How does it achieve transparent display?
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The transparent display industry is a new product and new application only available in China after 2010. At the beginning, the transparent display screen only refers to the transparent glass display screen, because other types of transparent screens have not yet appeared. Later, 17 years later, the traditional LED display screen appeared, and the light board was hollowed out to achieve 50% transparency. This grid-type transparent display screen is called a transparent screen, also called a grid screen.
For the LED transparent display industry, friends who don't know much, it is easy to confuse "transparent display" and "transparent glass display". In fact, these two display screens are two completely different products.
Next, let me explain to you, what is LED transparent screen.
LED transparent display, as the name implies, is an LED display, which is made transparent. The original opacity is optimized to be transparent when viewed from certain angles, which reduces the occlusion of the light board and structure to people's sight. , you can see the scene behind the display. Therefore, the content to be played is made three-dimensional, making people feel like an object suspended in the air, and it is also convenient for people to observe the objects behind the screen, which is of great value for window advertising.
There are two specific implementation methods of LED transparent display in the industry at present: method one, by adding hollow design to traditional LED display, and then matching new patch, drive circuit, control system and new module structure to realize LED display Optimized innovation for transparent displays.
Method 2: It is formed by splicing light bars, with a special structure and signal processing method. Some of them use LED lamp beads to emit light from the side, so that the LED transparent display screen can be viewed from the front, and the side area of the light bar that blocks the line of sight is less and more transparent. The front-illuminated LED transparent display is not as transparent as the side-illuminated display. However, when viewed from above or below, the transparency is better than that of the light-emitting module (the display screen is viewed from different angles, and the occlusion area is different).
Some manufacturers, in order to meet the requirements of outdoor use such as waterproof and anti-UV, have added waterproof treatment such as glue filling of lamp panels and structural sealing.

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