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Brief introduction of acrylic acrylic sheet

Acrylic Acid transliteration is a general term for acrylic and methacrylate chemicals, often referred to as "specially treated plexiglass".

In the sign production industry and plastics, acrylic acid is a comprehensive function of thermoplastic engineering plastics, mainly used for indoor and indoor signage.

When applying for a profession, information is usually presented in the form of granules, plates, tubes, etc.

Australia applicability: A: Aerospace B: Highway C: Private residence D: Advertising experience F: Bathroom occupation G: Other advertising methods

Brief introduction of acrylic sheet acrylic advertisement need to understand


1. Pure new material transparent acrylic board:

Answer: transmittance is over 92%, and the cross section is clean and colorless

B: Excellent sunscreen performance, no discoloration, light loss, yellowing, field cracking for 5-8 years
C: High hardness, suitable for aluminum and brass
D: Excellent cracking resistance and chemical resistance E: high quality protective film, supplied to meet protection requirements

2. Recycled material Recycled plate transparent acrylic plate:
Answer: The transmittance is less than 86% and the cross section is yellow
B: Very poor uv protection, yellow for half a year, slightly cracked under the sun.
C: Low hardness and easy to scratch
D: Easy crack
E: The protective film is of low quality and easy to be aged and replaced.

Identification method:

1. Return to new material game board:

Answer: the appearance of the recovery board is yellow.
B: The appearance is slightly scratched, and the incision is affected by the smell.
C: Bubble deformation occurs when heating and forming.
D: Silver stripes or cracks that are sensitive to paint and ink.
E: The foam produced during incineration produces black smoke and affects the smell.

2. New pure acrylic board:
A: The appearance of the board is pure, especially on the cross section.
B: Excellent appearance hardness and scratch resistance. The incision does not affect the smell.
C: There will be no bubbles and deformation during the heating process of hot forming.
D: Adaptability to paints and inks.
E: During the burning, there are no blisters, no black smoke, no effect on the smell.
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