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Enhancing Solar Energy Efficiency, BE-WIN Acrylic Empowers China's Clean Energy


Recently, a research team from Mutah University in Jordan has developed a highly anticipated new technology that optimizes photovoltaic (PV) systems using transparent acrylic panels, sparking widespread interest in the solar energy industry.

BE-WIN Acrylic Empowers

At the core of this technology is the installation of transparent acrylic panels on solar panels, aimed at reflecting and absorbing underutilized solar radiation. Reports suggest that this technology could potentially reduce the temperature of solar panels by over 14% and is expected to increase power output by approximately 2%.

BE-WIN Acrylic Empowers

It's worth noting that BE-WIN Acrylic, as one of the leading brands in China's solar energy sector, is renowned for its outstanding performance and reliable quality in acrylic panels.

In the research conducted at Mutah University, three monocrystalline silicon solar panels tilted at 30 degrees with a power output of 50 watts each were used. One panel served as a control group without acrylic panels, while the second panel had acrylic panels installed at 30mm distances with varying tilt angles (15, 30, and 45 degrees). The third panel had acrylic panels installed in a parallel manner, also at a distance of 30mm.

Following rigorous testing, researchers observed a 14.5% decrease in temperature for panels tilted at 30 and 45 degrees, while panels with parallel acrylic installation experienced a temperature reduction of about 10%.

BE-WIN Acrylic's exceptional performance and reliable quality offer new possibilities for China's solar energy industry, presenting an ideal choice for optimizing photovoltaic systems. This groundbreaking research has been published in the "Results in Engineering" journal under the title "Installing Transparent Acrylic Panels to Reduce Unnecessary Solar Waves Received by Photovoltaic Panels."

BE-WIN Acrylic, driving the advancement of clean energy in China!

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