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BE-WIN Group Showcases Premier Product Line at Shanghai Sign China Expo 2023


BE-WIN Group Showcases Premier Product Line at Shanghai Sign China Expo 2023


BE-WIN Group shone brightly at the Shanghai Sign China Expo from September 4th to 6th, 2023, proudly presenting our flagship product line: Acrylic Sheet, PVC Foam Board, and Aluminum Composite Panel.

This exhibition was not just about showcasing products; it was an invaluable opportunity for us to engage in deep conversations with exhibitors from across the globe.

Throughout the expo, we warmly welcomed exhibitors from various countries, sharing with them the exceptional quality and diverse applications of our products. Exhibitors were impressed by the high transparency and versatility of our Acrylic Sheet, praised the lightweight durability and ease of processing of our PVC Foam Board, and were highly intrigued by the durability and multiple surface treatment options of our Aluminum Composite Panel.

This event provided us with an invaluable platform to understand the needs and expectations of exhibitors. We didn't just showcase our products; we listened and absorbed feedback and suggestions from exhibitors. These valuable interactions have given us deeper insights into market demands, inspiring us to continually innovate and enhance product quality to better meet the diverse needs of our customers.

We extend our gratitude to all exhibitors for their attention and support of our products! BE-WIN Group remains committed to working diligently, forging a brighter future together. We eagerly anticipate future collaborations and exchanges!