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Color extruded acrylic sheet used for office partition several commonly used partition way?

Partition can not only divide the space, so that the office appears orderly and coordinated, a good partition design can determine the aesthetic degree of the office environment to a certain extent! Now let me give you a detailed introduction: color extruded acrylic sheet used for office partition several commonly used partition.

One, screen partition according to the shape can be divided into two types of site type and multiple folding type, the form of transparent, translucent, closed, hollow out. Screen partition can not only achieve the role of dividing the area, at the same time, the screen itself pays attention to technology and aesthetics, some design sense is full, for improving the office aesthetics, is a very good choice. Screen partition is commonly seen in Chinese office decoration style enterprises, giving people a gentle, quiet feeling. Embodies the essence of Chinese traditional aesthetics, but also highlights the enterprise style, foil the enterprise culture atmosphere.

Two, gypsum board partition is mainly used for corporate image wall, office area segmentation, indoor and outdoor segmentation. Its structure is simpler, convenient processing and installation, the advantage of plasterboard still has good sealing, good heat insulation and sound insulation effect, at the same time plasticity is strong, high stability. However, the permeability of the gypsum board is slightly weak, which is not conducive to indoor lighting. If there is indoor lighting, it is recommended to join the glass decoration.

Three, light cement wall. Light cement wall and gypsum board partition mentioned above is similar, but compared with gypsum board partition and glass partition, this partition will be much cheaper, and strong stability, not easy to crack, in sound insulation, heat insulation, fire protection is quite good, but the defect is also obvious, that is, this partition is not very ideal in bearing.

Four, mobile partition mobile partition brings great convenience to people's work, mobile partition is a kind of according to the need at any time to divide the large space into a small space or the small space into a large space, with the general wall function of the mobile wall, independent space area, can play a hall, a multi-purpose role.

Five, glass partition should be used more widely, more common partition, lighting is stronger than other types of partition, conducive to increasing the permeability of the space, because the transparency of the glass is very high, in the visual can effectively improve the openness, "mirror" effect makes the office feel more spacious. Additional, the sound insulation of the glass itself, moisture-proof effect is also very good, easy to clean, visual permeability is strong, the clean and bright feeling that itself builds comes out is other partition way place cannot compare.

Six, geometric partition, this partition can be said to be a good place for designers to display their creative talent, geometric screen for color, pattern, material and shape more inclusive, if the design is clever, then the beauty of the office is the icing on the cake. There are many forms of geometric partition, among which hollow out, graphics, lines and so on are more common partition patterns. In the material aspect choice is also more, wood, rope, metal is more common. Modern style, economy, separated and continuous, more transparent space.

7, the partition that does with bamboo pole, rattan, twine and wood, sparse line, let the light be in indoor free circulation, won't have the depressive feeling that real wall brings. This partition is natural in its material, but the effect of the space is impressive. Horizontal lines allow the interior space to be visually extended in the horizontal direction. and the partition that imitate bamboo shade modelling, give a person the feeling that combines with soft and hard. Generally speaking, the natural style of office design will use this type of partition, in the space to create a unique comfortable atmosphere.

The above is about the color extruded acrylic sheet used for office partition in the commonly used seven partition ways, I hope to help you.

Color extruded acrylic sheet used for office partition

Color extruded acrylic sheet used for office partition

Color extruded acrylic sheet used for office partition